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DrNunley's Biz-Tips

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Listen for the Sale

As anybody who is a good salesperson can tell you, listening carefully is the best way to get the sale. To understand this, let's think of selling the same way we think of marketing. Before you spend your hard earned advertising budget on a newspaper or radio ad, you find out what it is that customers are interested in hearing about.

The same works for selling. Listen carefully to what the prospect tells you. Ask questions for more details. Structure your sales pitch to directly address those concerns. When you overcome the prospect's deepest concerns, you've made the sale.

Rather than trying to introduce new information, stay close to the topics that the buyer is interested in. If they talk most about the color of the car, don't try to change the subject to horsepower. Talk color. With many buyers, all they really want is more information on the product or service. When they can't get that information easily or quickly, they become discouraged and give up. To sell more of what you offer, listen carefully.

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