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Book Review
Super affiliates like James earn the money they make. They operate a business. They work at it.

It seems easy only after you've done the work and the checks are flowing in.

More about James

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Review by Allan Gardyne

Super Affiliate Uses Special Traffic Technique

I was looking for something to read on a plane trip from New Zealand to Australia so I bought super affiliate James Martell's "Affiliate Marketers Handbook".

I've read a huge number of books, reports and articles on affiliate programs, so I wasn't optimistic about finding new ideas in this book.

I was very pleasantly surprised.

James makes more than $20,000 a month from affiliate commissions. In this handbook he tells you how he does it.

I became so absorbed in the book that I stayed up late and read nearly all of it the night before my plane trip.

First of all, here's what this book ISN'T.

James doesn't hand you a business that makes thousands of dollars a month with almost no work, no learning, and for almost no cash.

If that's what you're hoping for, you're dreaming.

Super affiliates like James earn the money they make. They operate a business. They work at it.

It seems easy only after you've done the work and the checks are flowing in.

What James does is describe in a great deal of detail how he builds web pages with many pages - from 50 to 300 - to catch huge amounts of traffic.

Here's the fascinating bit...

Only a very small proportion of his pages are selling pages.

James uses a special technique to funnel traffic to those sales pages.

He constructs his site navigation systems in such a way that he directs Google PageRank to his selling pages.

I haven't seen this technique described in any other affiliate marketing book.

You might read on some message boards that trying to manipulate PageRank is risky. If you believe that, you won't want James' book.

On the other hand, you could argue that what James is doing is simply constructing his sites in such a way that the most important pages are most likely to be found.

This technique works superbly for James.

I like the technique so much that I've already asked my assistant Rupert to use it in a new site he's building.

James' book is large at 257 pages but many pages include screenshots so it's a fast, easy read. There's a comprehensive index and a handy list of resources.

If you're experienced with affiliate programs, you'll be able to skim some sections of the book.

James doesn't assume you know anything.

He starts right from the beginning, and shows you how to do it.

He takes you by the hand and explains what affiliate programs are, how they work, how to find the best ones, etc.

He describes how he writes articles, where he finds facts for articles, the tools he uses, etc.

This really is a "handbook", one you can work through step by step.

This isn't old rehashed stuff. It's original. James writes from his own experience as a highly successful full-time affiliate.

A year ago when he wrote the book he had 30 affiliate web sites in three industries: satellite tv, credit cards and cell phones.

Since then, he has branched out, building even more affiliate sites. He told me this week that he now has 48 "specialty shopping sites", as he calls them.

I've heard rumours about the wonderful income James earns from his affiliate sites, so I asked him about that.

"Yes, it's true my income has increased tremendously, but I'd prefer not to publicize the total amount at this time," he said.

"What I am prepared to say is that as of November, 2002, my Commission Junction monthly income was approximately $20,000 (bonuses included).

"It's more now because I have more sites. Currently I have 48 specialty shopping sites on the go."

Want to know more? You can...

  • See a partial list of James' sites.
  • Learn which affiliate products he chooses to promote.
  • See sample earnings.
  • Listen to James talk about his business and 8-step strategy.
  • See keywords he ranks well with in search engines.
  • Download the first 34 pages of the handbook.
  • If you're an affiliate pro, there's a special message for you.

You can do all that here...

The book was published a year ago and James' techniques still work brilliantly today.

"I have been pleasantly surprised that nothing much has changed," James says.

"Everything I suggest as part of my eight-step strategy remains as viable today as it did when first released."

Purchasers have access to an updates page, where James posts updates from time to time.

The "Affiliate Marketers Handbook" is an absolute must-have in any affiliate library.

Learn from someone who really is a super affiliate...


About Allan Gardyne

Allan Gardyne is the owner of Associate and has been earning a good living from affiliate programs since 1998.


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