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DrNunley's Biz-Tips

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Do You Need A Publicist?

Do you have a business or product that you know media is interested in? You might be ready to hire a publicist.

Publicists are full-time "hustlers" who constantly scan the landscape for interesting stories they can pitch to newspaper and magazine editors and radio and TV producers.

Publicists have no magic powers or inside connections for a lackluster story. Editors use their stories when the story is good. A publicist who regularly comes up with valuable information that saves the editor time can become a welcome and trusted source.

Check the yellow pages under publicist in your city and other major cities. Call book publishers and ask if they can recommend good freelance publicists. Make a list and call every publicist on your list. Don't settle for the first one you find. There is no degree required, license demanded, or experience necessary for a publicists to hang his shingle.

A good publicist can demand several thousand dollars per month, so make sure the publicity you get will generate enough new business over the long haul to justify the expense.

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