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Working With Search Engines in 2007

As we wind down 2006, most business operators recognize that search engines are still the most efficient means of achieving business growth. This is particularly true for smaller companies whose primary customer base is found on the Internet.

Most of our customers who have had web sites that failed, or web businesses that never really got off the ground had a profound misunderstanding of how search engines work -- both the technical aspects of the service and the business models of search engine companies.

How can a web site lead to increased business? Be realistic about answering this question.

For some, the thought was that simply having a web site meant being automatically listed in the search engines (like the white pages); others thought that submitting their site to the search engines would almost immediately result in a barrage of incoming sales. Unfortunately, We still have customers who expect the phone to ring, just because they have a web site.

Anyone who has a developed skill set, an invention, a product or a consulting service knows that without the work that went into the development, the item they are offering for sale would be worth little if anything. Yet, the same people who have spent years of their lives and thousands of their dollars on their education, book writing, research and development, expect to throw up a web site with no attention to it, and have it bring in targeted, paying customers.

The concept of search technology is not so mysterious that it defies what we know about everything else in life: "...if you want to be successful at ____, you need to work at it!"


Examine your industry, competition, and your operation to determine your business needs.

Select targeted keywords, those high in-demand keywords that will bring targeted traffic to your web site.

Optimize your web site by creating pages containing the highly searched keywords described above.


This is where any search engine related effort begins. It is the most critical part of being found by the people you want to see your message. By not choosing keywords at all, or by not making this the main focus of your search engine campaign, your site will fail. You can't even buy search engine traffic without focusing on keywords.

Wordtracker is a web-based subscription tool with the most comprehensive keyword database available. Their site contains several keyword and search engine related articles.'s Site Build It! also includes a keyword brainstorming tool that prepares your site for serious search engine traffic. Both WordTracker and Site Build It are web-based tools.

Adword Analyzer and Keywords Analyzer are Windows based software programs that help you to identify the best niche keywords and keyword combinations for your web site.

Submission Services
First of all, anyone who thinks that they can do better than the traffic generation tools offered by Site Built It does not understand the nature of the product and does not understand search engines. Site Build It submits to all the major engines with special understanding of their spiders.

For sites built without a Site Build It connection, our priortiy submission service will guarantee that your site will be submitted and received by several major search engines. Neither acceptance nor high placement is guaranteed; however, non-acceptance is extremely rare.

Go Ahead, Pay To Play
Although pay-per-click may seem intimidating -- and some of the bids do get a little outrageous -- the ability to place your relevant site in front of your prospects opens enormous market testing possibilities that no serious business should ignore.

At the time this page was initially written (early 2005), we have identified the best pay-per-click value to be Google Adwords, and the best references for effective pay-per-click search engine advertising are Perry Marshall's "The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords" and Andrew Goodman's "21 Techniques to Maximize your ROI on Google AdWords." These are still very reliable services and products.

by Erik Wyatt, Staff

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