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Founding company, CGIExpert Consulting Partner and developers of Internet software Tools for CompanyWeb clients.

Home for free iSeries (AS400) tools software  downloads. This site has examples (source) of many utilities that use APIs and procedures.

Web site Design and Development Company based in Dallas, Texas USA, designing sites with Flash, .NET and C# technology.

Internet Applications

The parent company is a long-time CGIExpert Consulting Partner.

We have used CGIExpert since 1997 to develop custom and commercial CGI and ISAPI tools for enhanced web site operations.

Examples: database applications for recruiting employees, security applications for password-protecting web pages and files, a Paypal IPN database application for instant file delivery.

Send email to if you are interested in integrating software tools of any type into your website, or if you want to convert a desktop Windows application to a web-based application. We will review the software you are using and let you know what would be required to convert it.

CGI/ISAPI Software

All CompanyWeb customers are authorized and configured to use any of the applications installed on our server.

Some of the following applications may give you some ideas of tools or technologies that may be useful in the development of your project.

InvoWeb (invoweb.exe or invoweb.dll):
Installed at:,

Application that web site owners and visitors to create invoices or purchase orders directly from the web site. The application is installed on the web server, and the output can be printed and mailed with payment.


PageLock (pagelock.exe or pagelock.dll):
Installed at:,

Application that provides passcode- protected access to an area of a web-site. This is primarily for protecting pages that are to be accessible to an authorized work group.


PayPal Instant Payment (ipn.exe or ipn.dll):
Installed at:,, and

Database application that accepts posted data from Paypal, and allows the customer to download products from the merchant's web site if the payment was properly applied and confirmed.


Resume Profiles (profile.exe or profile.dll):
Installed at:,

Database application for storing resumes of job applicants in employee database. Applicant can create new application and log in and modify their application at any time in the future.


Web Site Assistance

We also modify and configure off-the-shelf Perl, ASP, and PhP scripts for our clients.

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