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What's Wrong With This Website?

By Dawn Gray Copyright © 2004

This week, I had to set up a new autoresponder for an Internet Superconference. Free informative articles were available to help promote the conference, but I didn't want to pay (monthly) for a promotion that would only last a week or two. I decided that I would test out a new system to review for my website.

I found an exciting autoresponder system, offering the following special features:

  • A free trial

  • Unlimited autoresponders (for $39.95/month)

  • Uses your own domain name

  • Sends forms via email

  • A more flexible "time to send" feature, which allows you to send messages on specific days of the month as well as specific number of days since they requested your response.

  • Translates your list of names into Excel, a database file (.csv) or as text.

  • Double opt-in

  • Eliminates duplicates automatically

  • Can separate your list to target your marketing efforts and

  • Track ad campaigns

Those are all in addition to the most common autoresponder features.

If it worked in the free trial, I would have replaced my autoresponder-of-choice with this product.

I was impressed with the website, but when I clicked, "Free Trial," the page simply reloaded. I tried entering my name and email address into the box for more information. An hour later, I received nothing.

Here is a company with an excellent product (or at least the idea for an excellent product) and a well-designed website, but they are not making any money because their website doesn't work. I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear that this is not the first time this has happened to me.

Please check your website to make sure this is not happening to you. Make sure your pages load quickly and your links, scripts, and forms all work properly and make a habit of checking things regularly, if not frequently.

Happy marketing!

About the Author:

Dawn Gray can help you drive more traffic to your website. For other great articles on website promotion or personal help promoting your website, visit her website at

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