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2 Powerful Ways Your Business Can Succeed Where Others Fail

By Jason Jantzi Copyright © 2004

Today, the vast majority of Internet businesses fail to make much profit because they donít follow a workable plan.

With all the money-making products, opportunities, and affiliate programs available on the Internet today, how is it possible that so few people are actually making a profit online?

The surprising answer is that going into business online is so easy and inexpensive, that most people simply donít bother to do much research to see if their idea and plan have the potential to actually make them money.

Letís face it, if you had to go out and put a second mortgage on your house in order to borrow enough money to start a traditional ďbricks and mortarĒ business, youíd investigate your idea ahead of time to make sure it had a lot of potential.

And even if you didnít, the bank would want to see your business plan and financial projections before they would risk their money on your idea.

But not so on the Internet.

You can get started with just a few hundred dollars and some room on your credit card.

No checks and balances. No approvals. No loans.

Just instant business.

But thatís where the headaches begin. Before you know it, you can sink thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into a venture that simply never makes you money.

There are only 2 ways to avoid this fate: Luck and Planning.

Fortunately, you can come up with a workable plan by compiling Simple Strategies that Work.

1. Make sure you know who your target market is Ė before you build your product!

The narrower your focus, the more chance you have of hitting it. Donít try to be everything to everybody.

2. Make sure you can afford to reach them.

Build your business plan on provable methods that work.

Pay per click ads on Overture and other engines bring you guaranteed, targeted traffic and you know exactly how much they will cost. There are no surprises here. Use this as a cornerstone of your initial business plan. If your business plan canít support pay-per-click advertising, you may be skating on thin ice already.

E-zine ads are a little less definite in their pull, but are low-cost enough to allow you to experiment to find ones that give you broad reach for relatively little cost. E-zine articles give you even more reach at virtually no cost. These too should be fundamental to your plan.

Joint Ventures are the third fundamental base on which to build your business. Find people who already have lists of customers and subscribers who want your product. It costs far more to capture new customers than it does to use someone elseís customer base to build your own. Give them 40-50% of your revenues for providing you sales. Youíre going to spend that anyway trying to get new customers. This way you get them fast, and for free. Itís all good.

Just these 3 ideas alone can propel your business to stardom.

And theyíre not guesswork. Itís common sense, and it works.

About the Author:

Jason Jantzi has launched 17 successful products and can help you launch yours. For a free copy of the step-by-step Profit Assessment Toolkit, visit The few minutes you spend with these tools will save you time and money for years to come.

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