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How to Find A Winning Niche On The Internet – And Earn A Great Income!

Michael Holland Copyright © 2003

Are you struggling to come up with good ideas for a profitable business that you can start on the Internet? Are all those hours of searching resulting in nothing but headaches and frustration? Is it starting to affect your home life or fun life?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Finding a high demand, low competition niche market can take a bit of effort. But if you apply the following five steps for identifying and evaluating your niche business ideas, you'll save yourself many painstaking hours of work, and make a great living:

  1. Identify candidates for a niche business. Make a list of your hobbies and interests and jot down the things you hear people complain most about. After all, solving people's problems should be the goal of your online business.

  2. Summarize your potential niche ideas. Describe each of them using one keyword, e.g., dog training, binoculars, snow skiing, model trains. By doing this, your niche market will become crystal clear. Keep it tightly focused and specialized.

  3. Use the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool. Just go to any search engine and enter "Overture search Term Suggestion Tool."  Enter one of your keywords into the tool. Overture will return a list of all keywords related to the keyword you entered. It will also tell you how many times people performed searches using those keywords during the prior month.

    Think of these numbers as a rough measure of the demand for your idea. It won't be the whole picture because you're looking into one search engine, but it's a decent start.

  4. Use to determine the level of supply/competition. Enter one of your keywords into Google with quotes around it. The quotes tell the search engine to only return exact matches. Now you'll have a much clearer picture of your potential competition.

    Let's assume, for example, that the Google summary says that there are 1000 listings for the keyword you entered. Well, rest assured that the vast majority of these pages have not been properly formatted to achieve high rankings.

    In fact, I just assume that 95% of the pages are junk…meaning that only 5% of them represent any semblance of competition. So if you multiply 5% by the 1000 listings in our example, it comes to a measly 50 competitive listings. Bottom line, you won't have any problem achieving a high ranking if you see these kind of numbers and your pages are properly formatted.

  5. Make your customers happy and watch profits grow. Sell your own products or direct customers to the products of suppliers whose commission-based affiliate programs you've joined.

By applying these five simple steps for identifying and evaluating your niche business ideas, you can save yourself a great deal of work and make a great living on the Internet.

About the Author:

Michael Holland is the author of Strike It Niche! - 70 Easy-to-Use Blueprints for High Demand, Low Competition Businesses You Can Start on the Internet, TODAY!. This unique new resource eliminates hundreds of hours of research and brainstorming work and gives you insightful tips and techniques for finding and growing an online business. Strike It Niche! is available at

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