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Treat your Affiliate Programs like Stocks and Shares

Steve Crooks Copyright © 2003

I was reading through some of the newsletters and ezines, which fill my inbox everyday (yes I do read them), and noticed a conflict in some of the advice being given to affiliates. Some were promoting the "Pick one program and stick with it!", while others were suggesting I sign up for everything and hope one works.

So which philosophy is right? - Well, both actually! Anyone reading these newsletters and the articles they contain would have a right to be confused. Unless, they were aware of some basic facts...

First of all the business is not SFI, Free Agent Path, Life Force or any other programs, whether they be long term respected businesses or overnight sensations. The business is YOU!

If YOU feel capable of running more than one program and YOU are getting a positive return on your investment (ROI), then that's OK. If YOU are happy running one program and still getting a positive ROI, then that's also OK.

Coming from a financial markets background, I realized very early on that choosing my affiliate programs was very similar to choosing stocks for my financial portfolio. Some would give me a great return and others, although they appeared to be good, would lose me money. The only way I could benefit would be by tracking my portfolio and entering my "Stop Loss" at a point that would protect me from a major financial loss.

Affiliate programs are no different in fact. I have a portfolio in excess of 20 affiliate programs. I keep an excel spreadsheet with all the details of each program, including ID's, Links, passwords etc. But, most importantly I keep a track of how much each one costs me and how much each one earns me. I have an expected ROI and an actual ROI column. If a program does not give me my expected ROI at a given time, I dump it just as I would a non-performing stock.

Many newcomers to Internet Marketing sign up for every affiliate program under the sun, post an ad on their website for each one and think that they can sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Not so I am afraid.

By treating your affiliate programs like a portfolio of stocks and shares you can spend time promoting each one and you can see exactly how each one performs.

Get rid of the non-performers and keep those that are making you money. Invest your profits wisely in real stocks and shares and you will soon be on the road to an Income For Life.

The simple action of noting down all the details of each program in the spreadsheet helps you focus on the program as well as keeping all the details of your interests at your fingertips. To say nothing of the amount of cash you will save by dumping those non-performers!

I have been doing this for a while now and it works great for me.

Finally, a well planned approach to your daily activities on the web is essential. You must treat your online business in the same way you would treat any business. It requires time, planning and a bit of investment if you want to be successful.

If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet that I use, you can pick one up at: Go to DOWNLOADS, choose BONUS DOWNLOADS and click on the file ""

Feel free to adapt it to your own requirements.

To your Success,


About the Author:

Steve Crooks is the publisher of the IFLO newsletter and owner of the Income For Life Online website: Steve also runs and promotes financial trading workshops from: as well as being the creator of the "High Octane Internet Business Starter Kit" the new version of which is out at the end of September 2003. Click this link to receive a notification when the new version is published and to receive an early bird discount on the package.

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