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The Magic Solo Ad Formula!

By Ewen Chia © 2004

Here's a surprisingly simple but highly untapped formula that will increase your solo ad response by at least another 100% or more.

Unlike the multitudes of hyped-up, 'sell me something' ads out there, your ads will stand out like a rose among the thorns using this formula.

Think about this first: "WHO are you trying to target at with your ads?" (it's not what you think...)

Want the answer? -- People!

People (humans) hate to receive sales pitches, especially from someone they don't know or give a hoot about.

The 'Magic Solo Ad Formula' consists of just TWO techniques to counteract the above-mentioned resistance.

Technique One: "Borrowed Credibility"

I call this the 'borrowed credibility' technique and it is incredibly easy to apply.

You can gain instant credibility using this while lowering resistance level to your ad, even if the readers don't know you.

Every time you run a solo from another ezine, use THE EDITOR/PUBLISHER'S NAME in your subject lines and the first paragraph of the ad.

Here is an example, I've placed the editor's name in CAPS :-)

You could write your subject line as:

"Hi [subscriber name], EWEN asked me to pass you this..."

And in the first paragraph of the ad, you'd say something like:

"A word of thanks to EWEN for allowing me to inform you..."

Can you see how you're 'borrowing' the credibility and relationship between the ezine editor and his or her subscribers?

You get instant credibility immediately.

Technique Two: "Don't Sell, Inform"

I've said that people hate to be sold to and it's true.

Sales messages turn on inner alarms automatically to dilute an ad's response rate.

HYPE is also a dirty four-letter word these days. It's unbelievable and never fails to raise red flags.

But why is almost everyone doing force selling with hyped-up solo ads?

Beats me really...

Put yourself in the editor/publisher's place, pretend you're him or her when you write your ad. Provide short content and information to presell instead of hard sell.

Here's a suggestion if you can write short simple articles:

Run short articles as solo ads instead.

This way you get minimum resistance with maximum exposure while preselling your products effectively.

Think about this then.

You'll of course find many other factors involved when it comes to creating a profit-pulling solo ad.

In this instance you may want to try the "Solo Ad Creator" [ ] for creating your solos ads quickly, easily and with minimum effort.

Copyright (c) By Ewen Chia

About the Author:

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