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Guerrilla Marketing in a Recession

By Jay Conrad Levinson Copyright © 2004

"In a dog-eat-dog economy, the Doberman is boss," said Edward Abbey, the author and naturalist. In this regard, the Doberman and the guerrilla have a lot in common.

Guerrillas know that they must seek profits from their current customers. They worship at the shrine of customer follow-up. They are world-class experts at getting their customers to expand the size of their purchase. In tough times, guerrilla marketers turn their gaze from strangers to friends. This reduces the cost of marketing while it reinforces the customer relationship.

In any recession, the telephone is a remarkably effective follow-up weapon for guerrillas. You certainly don't have to use the phone to follow up all of your mailings to customers, but research proves that it always will boost your sales and profits. Sure, telephone follow-up is a tough task. But it works.

Email ranks up there with the phone. It's inexpensive. It's fast. It lets you prove you care. It helps strengthen your relationship. And in your subject line, you can mention the recession if your offering is in any way related to it. Lean upon your website as well. Instead of telling your whole story with other marketing, use that other marketing to direct people to your site. Then, use the site to give information and advance the sale to consummation.

Guerrillas are able to think of additional products and services that can establish new sources of profits to them. In a recession or out, they are on the alert for strategic alliances -- fusion marketing efforts with others.

If you sell high-priced items, use the recession as a selling tool. Explain to people that during a recession, it is crucial not to waste money. They should protect their money by spending it wisely and not making a mistake, which can be a financial disaster during a recession. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Price becomes secondary during hard times; people are searching for value. If you offer customers great values -- in the form of more durable products, more encompassing services, or long-term economy, you'll earn higher profits than if you target your marketing solely to skinflints.

The guerrilla attacks when the competition retreats, and the attack is concentrated where the guerrilla offers specific product or service advantages. Retreating companies leave voids in the market, ideal niches for guerrillas.

About the Author:

Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of the "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books, the most popular marketing series in history with 14 million sold, now in 39 languages. At his new, you’ll find a new source of profit- producing ideas plus a list of 100 marketing weapons. Join up for telephone and online access to The Father of Guerrilla Marketing.

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