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Micro Niche Site Design

CompanyWeb recently created a service based on the use of James Jones' popular software product Micro Niche Finder. Our niche site creation service finds long-tail search topics with enough commercial demand to deserve the design of a focused web site.

Micro Niche Finder pulls together numbers to help users make decisions about those niches from which it is likely to be easiest to squeeze out profit. The research and statistical expertise of our parent company, Applied Analytic Systems, enables us to get the most benefit from the software.  

In fact, we use both Micro Niche Finder and Keyword Research Pro to identify low-lying (in some cases ground-lying) niches. This concentration focuses our clients on ownership of web sites that receive sufficient natural search engine traffic to achieve meaningful lead generation, affiliate sales, or revenue from advertising on their sites.

We have found that there is a learning curve with MNF that can overwhelm some users, causing them to give up on the software and, possibly, on niche marketing. Our experience with Micro Niche Finder enables us to identify the existence of small sub-niches of your primary niche, and help you to locate multiple profitable avenues for benefiting from free traffic to your micro niche web site. 

Our micro niche web creation service includes:

  1. Researching Your Desired Niche...

    • Generate initial list of seed keywords

    • Determine if there is sufficient demand (traffic)

    • Verify that this niche not overly competitive

    • Find out if the visitors are looking to buy stuff

    • If so, can you sell them what they are looking for?

    • Finally, verify that there is enough money to be made 
      by selling or brokering what they want to buy? 

  2. Recommending Ways to Make Money From Your Site...
    (This is related to the research step above. If there is no
    realistic way of making money from a niche, we will tell you
    early enough for you to consider a more viable niche.)

  3. Finding Your Optimal

    • Use good-trafficked keywords

    • Register the domain name

    • Host or recommend hosting of your domain

  4. Design Your Micro Niche Web Site...

    • Can use Wordpress or custom design

    • Add (at least 5) niche targeted articles

    • Embed appropriate affiliate links on pages

    • Locate and add niche-appropriate videos (where available)

    • Add Paypal or shopping-cart system where necessary

    • Your additional custom requirements

Cost and Terms

In most cases, we can create a complete micro niche site within 7 days. It may take a few weeks for the site to be indexed by the search engines.

This is not the least expensive web design service you will come across. It is a specialized type of web design. Expect to spend at least $1000 for a 9-page site. Of course, a really prime niche is capable of generating thousands of dollars per month for many months. 

We guarantee the delivery of a complete micro niche web site; however, there are no income guarantees with this service. There are risks associated with any business venture. Generally, this service is best suited for those that have budgetary resources and/or prefer not to try to do it themselves. 

Note: Any information obtained in developing a niche web site for any client is maintained in the strictest confidence. We are also niche marketers ourselves! We do everything in our power to avoid conflicts of interest. If we are currently competing in your desired niche, we will, unfortunately, find it necessary to decline your project without further comment.

Contact for more information about this service.

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