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Why it Seems So Difficult to Find
Business Customers Online

Finding new customers sometimes seems like a much more difficult process than it actually is. But if you're having a lot of trouble finding customers online, you're probably making at least one of the following mistakes.

  • Expecting customers to come to your door just because you have a web site,

  • Not knowing exactly who and where your best potential customers are,

  • Being too impatient to advertise and test response and ROI, or,

  • Not being willing to advertise online at all.

The Fastest and Easiest
"Do it Yourself Tools"
Google Adwords to get customers to your web site immediately so you can identify what advertising message works, who buys, what they think of your products, how much they are willing to spend,...

Once you know a fair amount about who your ideal customers are and the message they respond to, you can use a product like Site Build It to bring in thousands of others just like them and show them this same, proven message. What do you think will happen then?

Ultimately, you have to build a high-traffic web site or mailing list. There really is no other way to make serious money online.

A Good, High Traffic
Web Site is a Mint

Having a high-traffic
web site describing "how to _____" will bring you far more (trusting) customers than a yellow pages ad or your cold-calling campaigns.

Actually, developing and maintaining a high traffic site will be easier, much more effective, and its annual cost will be less than a single direct mail campaign (in the US, mailing 1000 First Class letters costs $370 in postage alone).

The most effective strategy for finding new customers is outlined in SiteSell's Web Business building techniques. Use this to get your client base and income to grow at steady pace.

If you need to generate immediate, direct sales, get a copy of Andrew Goodman's
"Unleash the Power of Google AdWords."

How to Close Sales
Most sales people spend all day dialing for dollars, chasing prospects who are mentally if not physically backing away from them, and they waste most of their time chasing deals instead of closing them.

At the same time, most companies spend all kinds of money on advertising and don't get nearly enough bang for their buck.

Perry Marshall's "Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People" is an information-packed audio CD that discusses 21 principles that you can use to eliminate cold prospecting and wasted advertising dollars in today's fiercely competitive B2B marketplace.

White Papers
Perry Marshall's company has also created a course called
"The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting White Papers."

If you sell any kind of complex service, technology or sophisitcated product, a White Paper is the best way to educate your customers about that technology.

You can use a white paper to build your credibility, get free exposure in the press, attract new customers, and drive new technology into change-resistant, conservative markets.

Most white papers are either too technical (boring) or too commercial (thin and cheesy) - but Perry's guide shows you how to strike the perfect balance.

But what's most important of all, though, is promoting and publicizing your white paper - because the best white paper in the world is no good unless somebody reads it!

How to Get Traffic
Traffic is the most important ingredient in the online sales process. No matter how targeted your message, sales is still, largely, an excercise of converting numbers. Ken Evoy's
Site Build It web tools incorporate everything necessary to get thousands of targeted visitors to your web site.

Understanding the importance of targeted traffic, salesman Jerry Mack built a specialized web site designed for the sole purpose of generating qualified leads for his medical equipment business.

Jerry's specialized high-traffic site gets more than ten times the traffic of the company's main web site. His site has resulted in 6-figure sales totals, while the main company site had failed to produce any valid leads for Jerry.

You can get a look at this lead generating process by downloading and reading the free site building Action Guide at Ken's web site.

Sales Lead Help

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